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The Land Rover Defender, and the Series Landies that came before it, have been off road icons for 70 years. And a reputation like that doesn't just disappear. Even if Land Rover ended production of the model more than three years back. Which is why there's still a company building brand new Defenders, using factory tooling. If you should happen to want one.

Land Serwis is a Polish company that will help to keep you Roving with your Defender. New or old. That's because unlike most restoration shops, where they're forced to buy old-stock parts, use aftermarket reproductions, or bodge together something from somewhere else, Land Serwis has original factory frame tooling. Plus plans for parts and spares for the off-roaders. The company says it's one of just four in the world, and the only one outside of the UK, with the ability to do that.