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The Land Rover Defender as we know it went out of production in early 2016 after a 67-year run, but a Polish company has left the light on for devout fans.

Land Serwis announced it's begun production of new "original" Defender models, which customers can order and specify to their liking. The first vehicle built, the Defender Crew Cab Pickup seen her, is based on a 2010 model and features a 2.4-liter V-6 Puma engine. Land Serwis is in a unique position to sell "new" Defenders since it's the only company outside of Great Britain that manufactured chassis for the off-road vehicle.

“This is not an ordinary post-renovation Defender,” said Piotr Kowal, head of Land Serwis. “Our intention was to build the car from scratch using new, tuned, or used parts, but all subjected to comprehensive refurbishment."

The company can restore any Defender or build one virtually from scratch using its store of parts. Prices rise the more parts the company has to contribute to any given project. Land Serwis noted that it can also make changes to the chassis construction and add reinforcements for individual customers to fit upgraded suspension components, new engines, extra fuel tanks, or winches.


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