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HiConsumption PAGEDue to the popularity of Land Rover’s legendary chassis, there seems to be an oversaturation of bespoke Defender builds making their way into the market. And though the iconic vehicle will never stale, it takes a certain “something” to stand apart in today’s inundated landscape. Amidst this challenging time, Poland’s Land Serwis has found a way to thrive, thanks to one-of-a-kind restorations that aren’t really restorations at all.

As one of only four Defender chassis manufacturers in the world, the Polish company has fostered an understanding of the classic overlander for the past 25 years, allowing for a breadth of knowledge, specialized equipment, and a nearly “inexhaustible” database of spare parts for the fabled Land Rover. Here, we have their preliminary product, utilizing a chassis that’s stronger and more durable than that of the original Defender — complete with hot-dip galvanization for added reinforcement, a variety of wheelbase configurations, and a refurbished, 2.4-liter Puma turbo diesel engine for exceptional power. A new stainless steel exhaust system, axle differential, and driveshaft were implemented into the offroad wonder, alongside a lifted SuperGaz suspension, reinforced Wolf steel rims, and new brakes for improved stopping power. Grasmere Green paint, an Alaska White roof, and a silver front bumper give the Defender a handsome, timeless look.


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