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For many years I have been impressed by the work of Jurek Owsiak and his commitment to the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. However, it was only after visiting the Pol and Rock festival that I realised that it was not just about collecting money for a worthy cause.

Jurek brings together people, mainly young people, who are the future of the nation. Tolerant, critical, thoughtful, devoid of the aggression which is rampant elsewhere, open to substantive discussion, respecting people with different views, denominations, skin color or orientation. That is why I believe that it is our duty to get involved in this mission.

In previous years, Land Serwis/British Garage, through its purchases at auctions and by exhibiting items, added over 100 thousand zlotys to the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity account.
Our aim this time is to collect at least such a six-digit amount.

The "star” of our auction is a Land Rover 90, with a full warranty (3 years or 100 thousand km. whichever comes first), which is described here.

See auction details: The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Land Rover 90 with a guarantee of 3 YEARS/100 Thousand Kilometres.

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In addition to the Land Rover, in dozens of our other auctions you will find various interesting prizes, donated by our friends.

See our auctions: Allegro Defender Factory Account.

All amounts raised at these auctions will be credited to the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity account. For our part, we guarantee free courier delivery, or free transport within a 100 km radius of Wieliczka, for larger items.

Do not regret a single penny, because you will be doing good, which will be returned to you.

Piotr Kowal

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