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About Defender Factory

1.   What is the Defender Factory?


 As the name suggests, nothing other than a factory making new Defenders (but old models). This is not a separate company, but a separate project of the British Garage/Land Serwis company, which has been operating in the Land Rover industry continuously since 1996. Thanks to our own manufacture (not renovation) of important components such as frames, bulkheads, axle casings and sheet metal elements, we are able to create a new car. Thanks to the experience and dedication of professionals who have been working with us for many years, we are able to manufacture better than the original factory did. We use stainless steel screws, we galvanize key components, and we use the best available anti-corrosion chemistry, modern primers and paints. Of course, where possible, we eliminate the original manufacturing defects of this model. The Defender's outer sheathing was made of aluminium, so bodywork repairs were very difficult or impossible to do.


2.  Why specifically the Defender?


 The Land Rover Defender became a legend in its own lifetime and after production ceased in 2016, it immediately gained the status of a cult car. The legendary "box shape", with its equally legendary lack of comfort, combined with incredible off-road capabilities, reliability, simplicity of service and cheap spare parts available worldwide. The characteristic shape of the body is recognised everywhere and given due respect. As the only car manufactured in Europe, it is made up completely from catalogue spare parts, where in fact relevant sub-groups can still be purchased and will be available for many, many years to come.

However, as a commercial vehicle, it was often been brought to the brink of its endurance capabilities. The factory-applied corrosion protection did not help the longevity of this model. The result is the current over-supply of these cars that can be found on the secondary market. You can choose from a scrapyard specimen, a total junkyard example or one that has been completely rebuilt (i.e. destroyed). The few good, original, used examples from the last years of manufacture now cost much more second-hand than when they were new.

And this available supply will end soon. The new Defender (model 2020), which we have already tested, will have only its name in common with the old one. This has been done in order to sell the legend and the legendary name (and only the name) to those who can be fooled by massive marketing referencing the old model. The new standard version (with the very weakest Ingenium engine, which has been installed during the last two years in other LR models and which has caused many problems) costs a minimum of EUR 70,000. It is against the background of this sad reality for fans, enthusiasts and users of Defender that the Defender Factory project was created.


3.  How does Defender Factory work?


 The basis is the "donor". This would be a car registered in Poland, which is in a condition that we deem it possible and appropriate to build a new Defender out of its parts and components. We have umpteen such vehicles in stock. You can buy cars from us that are already manufactured, which are new and checked and are waiting in the showroom for a new buyer, or you can have the right model manufactured to order.

We do not accept orders for a specific year of production, only for the model of the body and engine. We do not put in foreign engines or propulsion systems, or those that do not match the year of production of the "donor" and its VIN number. So wherever you are in the world you can choose spare parts from the official catalogue in accordance with the VIN and factory specification of the car. The only deviation we will introduce to this offer will be an electric version of the Defender, which is a proprietary Defender Factory project, which we intend to finish in 2020.

The Defender Factory does not undertake the renovation and construction of cars entrusted to us (donors). For two reasons:
a) the majority are in an incomplete, excessively used state, and have been subjected to various permanent modifications, with holes drilled in covers and plastics, altered propulsion systems, etc. etc. The Defender Factory produces new and complete vehicles to the specification that they had when they left the factory at the time they were manufactured. We make no compromises with or changes to the factory specification.
b) the customer ordering such a renovation is often too emotionally attached to his car, which simply disturbs our work, forcing changes upon us which are not acceptable.

And this reflects on the quality of our work. The end result must be satisfying for us. Above all for us, because we are the ones who demand most of ourselves. Each vehicle is our child, our business card. We give it our nickname (pseudonym), because we are emotionally associated with each Defender produced. So you can buy cars from us that are already manufactured, which are new and checked waiting for a new buyer in the salon, or you can have the right model manufactured to order. In the end, the customer receives a new vehicle; the standard version or one equipped ready for specific tasks.


4.  What models does Defender Factory produce?


 All Defenders, in all body versions (station wagon, hard top, soft top, double cab, pick-up) and wheelbase (90, 110, 130 inches) except for models with the Td5 engine. The Defender trade name was created in 1990, when the outdated 90 and 110 drive units (already on springs, but not yet Defender springs) were replaced by the 200 Tdi (2495 ccm turbo intercooler, 107 HP) engines famous for their durability and reliability. In 1994, an engine with the same capacity, with slightly more power (111 HP) and 300 Tdi designations (wide main belt) replaced the 200 Tdi units. It was manufactured until 1998. During this period, a model with a V8 engine, 3500 ccm, with two carburettors, later with a fuel injector and an automat was assembled – these are rare and much sought after models.

1999 was the worst time for Defender, which coincided with the collapse of the entire Land Rover operation. Td5 engines were used, with pumpinjectors (which were neither pumps nor injectors) causing many problems. In addition, all cars from the Td5 production period, i.e. from 1999 to 2006, are completely rotten throughout, including the chassis and floors, due to the use of terrible steel quality and equally terrible corrosion protection. Best forgotten.

In 2007, a Td4 unit, from Ford, with 122 HP and 2400 ccm capacity was used. With this, the interior of the car was radically changed. A 6-speed gearbox was used, as was more efficient heating and air conditioning (optional). The car received the EURO 4 emission standard. As an accessory, ABS with traction control appeared. The next and last facelift was a change to a 2200 ccm engine (in 2012) which in the DPF version was awarded the EURO 5 emission standard. To sum up, you can order a Defender from the years 1990 - 1998 or 2007 - 2015, with diesel or V8 gasoline engines, with the steering wheel on the right or left (RHD or LHD).


5.  How do we work, how long does it take and why do we need a "donor"?


 If we do not happen to have the right new Defender in stock, we commence production to order. We find the right "donor" and strip it down to the last screw. We do not replace parts; we assemble a new car from scratch, just as in a factory. In older models, one usually needs to start with a new, galvanised frame. We do not use half measures such as, "repairing" rotting frames, filling in components, soldering installations, etc.

We assemble a new car from new or reconditioned components (often old but good, better than new ones from current production). The "donor" gives us the VIN and registration certificate. They get a new car, only with the difference that the car's registration document contains the year of manufacture of the "donor" car. The odometer is new or reset (with a report to the diagnostic station). Theoretically, we could assemble a new car entirely from available parts without having to find a "donor". However, we would then have to obtain approval for it as a new construction (without several airbags and EURO 6 emission standards that is currently impossible to do). In addition, we run the risk of problems with the theft of Land Rover intellectual property.

The advantage of ordering a car is that you can choose your own favourite colour or colour combination (e.g. a white roof). Some elements of additional equipment (e.g. air conditioning, additional fuel tanks, external cage, etc.) are much easier to introduce at the initial stage of production. The disadvantage is the waiting period, which currently comes in just under 5 months, from the moment of payment of the deposit. We have started significant investments which will shorten this period.


6.  How much does it cost, what are the warranty and inspection costs?


 Models 90 and 110 (regardless of the body version) cost EUR 59,000 net. 130-inch models cost EUR 69,000 net. This applies to cars with diesel engines. Original models with V8 petrol engines (and we only work with originals) can be a lot more expensive, it depends on acquiring the right, original "donor". For domestic sales, the applicable VAT rate of 23% should be added. An export invoice (sales to an entity within the EU, with an EU VAT number registered) is not subject to VAT. Sales outside the EU (also without VAT) must be supported by a customs document confirming leaving EU customs territory. We offer transport and logistical support when exporting a car outside the EU.

All cars manufactured by Defender Factory are covered by a warranty for 3 years from the date of sale, or up to 100 thousand km. whichever comes first. The condition for maintaining the warranty in force is the periodic inspection of the car at a designated service station, at least after each 10 thousand km., or once a year. The warranty does not cover consumables (filters, oils, pads, brake discs, bulbs, etc.). The average cost of the periodic inspection, oil, filter and pad replacement is no more than EUR 600, including labour. All warranty repairs are free and implemented straightaway, also during the periodic inspections. Of course, in the case of more serious damage, we will not be able to carry out the repair immediately, but will do so as soon as possible, offering a replacement car free of charge. We also provide accident repairs and insurance, non-cash repairs.

However, it's important to understand the Land Rover Defender. You can't fix something that isn't broken. Wind noise in the crevices of the body, poor heating in old models, loud drive operation, pedals not in line with the steering wheel, inefficient wipers, a clutch with which you need to use as much force as in other cars for sudden braking, etc. This is the Defender's specific beauty. Malicious people say that if a Land Rover does not leak oil, it means it is not oil inside. That is why interviews and conversations with clients about their expectations are important, including long test runs on the road and in the field (for those who do not know a given model). For more demanding customers, we offer other models from the Land Rover and Range Rover ranges; these are also covered by a long-term warranty. A 30% deposit must be made to order a Defender. After assembling the car, another 30% before starting and testing, and then the remainder on delivery. We will also help you finance your purchase through credit, leasing or long-term rental.


7.  Where do we carry out warranty inspections and repairs?


The best solution is to use the Defender service station in Wieliczka. In addition, we work with a network of independent workshops specializing in Land Rover in the following cities (alphabetical order): Bielsko-Biała, Gdańsk, Katowice, Krosno, Lublin, Łódź, Poznań, Szczecin, Tychy, Warsaw south, Warsaw north, and Wrocław. We also work with service stations abroad (Germany, Slovakia, Ukraine, Italy, Great Britain, and soon, the USA and Canada). The network is constantly growing. We invite specialised service stations from around the world to cooperate with us. The guarantor is British Garage, operating continuously since 2007, with share capital of over PLN 1 million.


8.  What about additional accessories and equipment?


 The complete final specification of the car must be determined at the time of ordering. It should be remembered that some specific accessories are difficult to acquire or only made to order. Sometimes that can take months. We offer our many years of rally and expedition experience in the selection of additional equipment and accessories. It is important to determine customer expectations, how they will use the car and for what purpose. We devote a lot of time to this. The more we discuss things at the beginning, the fewer disappointments there are in the future.

We will not advise anyone who does not know what they want. In such cases we suggest the basic version. Of course, we can make a Defender with large off-road wheels, with an axle crossover of over a metre, which will run smoothly on the highway at 160 km / h, and at the same look like a million dollars, but it will be very expensive. Importantly, we suggest such changes so that the car remains original, or you can return to the original without major problems. Only the original car has a growing collector's value. Undercut fenders, drilled bodies or plastic items, lack of original elements would exclude this option. If we really have to drill the body (for example for the installation of an external cage), we attach identical spare parts of the plating, painted in the colour of the body, so that if necessary you can return it to the original state. If we replace some components when necessary, the original will be handed over to the new user with the car.



9.  Why do I have to pay so much for an old car without modern security systems?


 If you ask yourself this question, but nevertheless you are drawn to it, hire a Defender from us before you make a decision. Ride it every day, go to the forest, to the mountains, off-road, and take your family with you. There are two possibilities, either you will fall in love or you will find it is “not for me”.

The Defender does not have airbags or active (working) safety systems. However, passive safety resulting from the Defender design, such as the frame structure and the high position of the seats, more than guarantee safety at the level of currently produced large passenger cars. The Defender chassis frame begins with the attachment of the front bumper and it is the first contact element in the event of a collision. Only contact with a large truck can threaten the safety of travellers in a Defender.

As the owner of a Defender you have something original, a classic, which even those who already have everything will envy. It is not a state of ownership but a state of consciousness. There is no other commercial vehicle which is such a head-turner for every motoring enthusiast. From our observations we know that the demand for these cars will continue to grow and, as a result, prices will rise. Many facts support this view. There is no serial off-road vehicle (except military and special) with such off-road capabilities and resistance to ill-treatment. At the same time, it is cheap in operation, reliable and devoid of electronics (older models). The US market, where interest in these cars is growing rapidly, is opening up to the Defender as it enters a period where it is treated as an antique, which facilitates import. Only a few years ago, junkyards in Great Britain were cluttered with Defenders, waiting patiently to be divided into aluminium and steel. Now every even hopeless car is being renovated and repaired. As a result, there is a problem with obtaining used parts, which increases the value of the model. Collectors from around the world have noticed this car.

Above all, we offer something that nobody else offers. A useable investment. You won't lose on this car, but you will gain (obviously over the next few years). As the difficulties with acquiring good "donors" and no longer produced (unusable) spare parts increase and the costs of employing the best specialists increase, our new Defenders will also become more and more expensive. At the same time you have a car that you can drive every day, and if you want to, you can drive it to the ends of the Earth, without much preparation. For this it is necessary to keep your Defender in its original condition; which we pay special attention to. The quality of our work and anti-corrosion protection means that the car will not be subject to any corrosion degradation, even if used frequently. Mechanical components can always be replaced; availability will not be a problem. This is not so-called vintage motoring, where a car is kept in a warm garage to be looked at with awe by friends and which can not be driven further than to the petrol station for cigarettes, or once a year to a rally, at risk to one’s life. With the possibility of owning a useable investment, it is worth having a new (but old) Defender, which costs as much as a new Defender in the basic version, but which is not a Defender.


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