Land Rover 90

This Land Rover was produced in 1985 (first registration in Poland 2004). Registered as a truck (permissible load capacity 580 kg.) and adapted to transport 6 people (entry in the log book). Thus, it allows full settlement of operating costs when used by a company.

The four seats at the rear of the vehicle are located on two folding benches positioned along the vehicle and do not have seat belts. The car is not a proprietary production of Defender Factory, but it is worthy of interest to every fan of the brand. The previous owner, known for his good taste and pedantic accuracy, spent a lot of time and money renovating it. The invoices amount to PLN 85,000 (they are included in the documentation), not including any own work input.

This Land Rover model was created in the "good old days" when "British steel" meant the highest quality. It deteriorated systematically in later models (frame, internal construction). Of course, as with any Land Rover, the outer skin is aluminium. Within the car the original, naturally aspirated 2.5 D engine with meagre power (68 HP) and poor workmanship was replaced by a newer 2.5 Tdi engine with 111 HP (type 300 Tdi). This engine was installed in Land Rovers in the years 1994 - 1998. Considered one of the best power units in the history of Land Rover. Electronics-free, with a Bosch mechanical injection system. The body was painted (black semi-matt), and the chassis was meticulously cleaned and protected against corrosion. The car is 100% technically efficient and does not require any investment. There are also no signs of corrosion outside or underneath.

List of additional equipment:
- new Goodyear MTR tires, size 235/85R16, on Diamond Cut rims (including a reserve)
- new Super Gaz springs and shock absorbers
- front seats covered with Alcantara and synthetic leather
- headlining covered with Alcantara
- leather steering wheel
- all floors and seat bases upholstered
- fluted sheet metal on the bonnet and front fenders
- towing hook (750 kg or 2400 kg with brake)
- side pipe sills
- original Land Rover radio cassette
- additional Paris - Dakar 1984 occasional badges

Because the car is allocated for a noble purpose, supporting the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, we increase its value by providing it with a full warranty, as if it had been produced by us.

Therefore, the presented Land Rover is covered by a 100 thousand km warranty mileage or 3 years, whichever comes first.

Applies to all mechanical and electrical components of the car.
The condition for maintaining the continuity of the warranty is a periodic review, every 10 thousand km. mileage (or every year), the average cost of which does not exceed EUR 600.
The warranty does not cover consumables (filters, oils, pads, discs, bulbs, etc.).
Periodic inspections and warranty repairs are best carried out on our website in Wieliczka, but you can also use our network of independent Land Rover services throughout Poland and abroad.
The guarantor is the British Garage company operating since 2007 with share capital of over PLN 1 million.

Additional information is available by or by phone 691-857-200.

Attention Important!!! See auction: Land Rover 90 WOŚP With a guarantee of 3 YEARS / 100 TKM.
The bidder will receive a donation agreement transferring ownership, in accordance with the Corporate Income Tax Act (the car is owned by the company).

If a VAT invoice is required, the amount of 23% VAT will be added to the auctioned amount.

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